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Vol. XVIII, Number 1                                         Fall, 2003



     Please share with us what you are doing relating to nonviolent change. If you send us a short report of your doings, learnings, ideas, concerns, reactions, queries,… we will print them here.  Responses can be published in the next issue.


Rene Wadlow, Dear Steve, Much thanks for publishing the information about TP in Nonviolent Change. I hope that the meeting went well in Williamsburg, a lovely area. I had visited it when I was in secondary school - many years ago now. Certainly the times require ever more cooperative work. I have been pushing my text on an Organization for Security and Cooperation in the Middle East. As a result, I have been invited early July to South Korea for a meeting on regional security. I am now on email and thus can receive Nonviolent Change by email: With all best wishes.


Darling Villena-Mata: A happy Fall to all of you.  My latest is that I will be moving to the Fairfax County/Prince William areas of Virginia. I will continue to do training and consultation in the area of societal trauma and conflict resolution. I will be seeking teaching posts (be that full time or part time) as it is one of my major passions. I am continuing to do hypnotherapy and to explore further the benefits of such modality in the resolution of societal trauma and other life difficulties. I have developed a protocol, which is based on my research and book, on how to help those who have been affected by societal traumas, specifically individuals and groups from non-power groups.  I am open to teaching and training this protocol and other tools to help in alleviating and depolarizing the perceptions of groups toward one another. Feel free to contact me at


Steve Sachs: I am continuing work on American Indian and international indigenous issues, and just gave a paper at the American Political Science Association Meeting, "Interlinking the Circles: The Impact of Indigenous Peoples on Globalization and their Actions to Meet It." I am happy to share electronic or hard copies. Currently, Leah and I are getting ready to take a first load of things to Albuquerque and hope to complete most of the rest of the move by December. That will allow me to work more intensely with Americans for Indian Opportunity, though we will likely be back and forth between Indianapolis and Albuquerque through next spring. In addition, I have been concerned that more needs to be done about reducing fossil fuel use through conservation and rapid development of renewable energy, partly to avoid all the problems of an otherwise not too distant fuel crunch, but more immediately to lessen the impact of global warming, and otherwise protect the environment.





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