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Vol. XVIII, Number 1                                         Fall, 2003



Please help this year's Nonviolent Change Meeting be truly an interorganizational meeting.

Invite official representatives of groups interested in peace and /or get yourself designated an official delegate of a group you work with.

Please let Steve Sachs or Don Cole know if you have arranged this.


18 July, 2003


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Dr. Charles David Tauber, Head of the Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace has recently learned that he has been invited to two conferences in the US in September.  The last conference ends on 21 September, and so he would be available after that to speak on the Vukovar Synagogue Center Project and on the situation in the Balkans in general, concentrating on the human aspects.  Although Dr. Tauber’s roundtrip airfare to the US is covered, he would require food and lodging and a small honorarium.  If you are interested in meeting Dr. Tauber, we would ask you to contact us as quickly as possible so that an itinerary can be planned.


Dr. Charles David Tauber, born in 1952, is the son of immigrant parents.  He obtained a BA from Reed College, Portland, Oregon and his MD from the medical school of the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.  He has been involved with work with traumatized persons since 1988.  Since 1995, Dr. Tauber has been the Head of Mission of the Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace, a non-profit organization registered in The Netherlands and working in eastern Croatia, western Serbia and northern Bosnia on issues of psychological trauma, civil society and reconciliation.  Dr. Tauber is a member of the Section on the Consequences of Torture of the World Psychiatric Association and the Working Group on Forced Migration of the European Association for Psychotherapy.


The Vukovar Synagogue Center Project is a joint initiative of Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace, the Jewish Community of Osijek, Croatia, Europe House, Vukovar and the Bench We Share Association of Osijek, Croatia to rebuild the Synagogue of Vukovar and to place in it an inter-university field institute for post-conflict studies.  Vukovar, which was once a center of culture for the entire region and included at least 25 ethnic groups and 10 religions, was destroyed during the war of 1991-1995 and has become a symbol of destruction and hatred.  The aim of the project is to change that image to one of hope and to investigate ways of restoring post-conflict areas and preventing further conflict.


More information may be obtained from the CWWPP at:   or,

+385-32-444662 (telephone only), +385-32-441975 (telephone and fax).



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