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The Organization Development Institute [English] 
The Organization Development Institute is a nonprofit educational association. It was organized in 1968 to promote a better understanding of and to disseminate information about organization development.

Global Peace Hut
Our mission is to provide people with the tools to live in peace, connected to each other in community and globally.


We foster learning of the ways of peacemaking and peacebuilding in children, families, schools and communities through education and skill development.


We create simple spaces and places, virtual or structural, where conversations contributing to living in peace can be held; where all voices can be heard and everyone is welcome.

Global Beat has been an excellent source of information and further sources for Nonviolent Change, at:

Global Beat also has an E-mail list serve.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) carries regular reports and sets of recommendations about difficult developing situations around the globe, and has been an extremely helpful source of information and ideas for this journal:

ICG also has a regular E-mail report circulation service that can be subscribed to on its web site.

Europa World Plus Europa World/Regional Surveys of the World On Line is at:

Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR):

Peace Web publishes an E-mail newsletter, is at:

Peace Media publishes a monthly web magazine at:

The Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation:

Culture of Peace Online Journal is at:

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