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Vol. XVII, No.2 Winter, 2003

Nonviolent Change Journal helps to network the peace community: providing dialoguing, exchanges of ideas, articles, reviews, reports and announcements of the activities of peace related groups and meetings, reviews of world developments relating to nonviolent change and resource information concerning the development of human relations on the basis of mutual respect.


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Letter From Joanne Landy, Thomas Harrison, Jennifer Scarlott, Co-Directors, Campaign for Peace and Democracy:
We Oppose Both Saddam Hussein and the War on Iraq: A Call for a New Democratic U.S. Foreign Policy

Statement of Veterans Meeting Against War with Iraq, November 12, 2002

Diane Perlman, PhD, Co-chair, Committee on Global Violence and Security, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, writes of
Misinterpretation of Bin Laden's Messages: Erring on the Side of Danger

Letter from the President of Search for Common Ground on its
Aikido Approach

What We Are About


Similarities between Adult Children of Alcoholics or Childhood Abuse
With Recipients of Societal Trauma

by Darling Villena-Mata

Is Bush Going to Betray the Afghans and Kurds?
Jack D. Forbes

The Power of Nonviolence

Mubarak Awad and Dr. Abdul Aziz Said

Understanding Iran and the Non-Arab Muslim World: Suggestions for
Violent Change Initiatives

Robert W. Hotes

Preventing Nuclear Proliferation in the Right Way
by  Stephen Sachs

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