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Nonviolent Change Journal helps to network the peace community: providing dialoguing, exchanges of ideas, articles, reviews, reports and announcements of the activities of peace related groups and meetings, reviews of world developments relating to nonviolent change and resource information concerning the development of human relations on the basis of mutual respect.



Vol. XX, No.3                                                   Spring 2006


Table of Contents




Editor's Comments


What Are You Up To?


Upcoming Events


Ongoing Activities


World Developments




  Alon Ben-Meir, Ph.D.: God Has Spoken: An open letter to the Palestinian Prime Minister designate Ismail Haniya


  Marc Gopin, "Testing Hamas and a Saudi Option”


  Robert Malley, "Making the Best of Hamas' Victory”


  Jerome M. Segal, "Avoiding ambiguity on the 'right to exist'”


  George S. Hishmeh, "Hamas and the Irish Model”


  Nazir Majali, "Israel Should Stop Pressuring Hamas”


  Maggie Mitchell Salem, "Middle East Democracy: For Better or for Worse”


  Gideon Eshet, "Drinking from Toilets: Is it Wise to Refuse Talks with Hamas if the Price is Typhoid and Cholera?”

  Rami G. Khouri, "A historical Verge, or Back to Algeria in 1992?"


  Patricia Golan, "Solar Energy Lights up a Negev Village


  Rami Khouri, “Respond to Racism and Death with Humanity and Life


  Rabbi Jeremy Rose, "Olive Trees”


  Letter from ENCASA/Emergency Network of Cuban American Scholars and Artists

    for Change in U.S.-Cuba Policy


  Kamran Mofid, "An Open Letter to G8 Leaders: Why World Poverty is a Justice Issue First,

    and then an Economic Matter”





  Rene Wadlow, "Ibrahim Rugova: Nonviolent Actions in Violent Kosovo”


  Franck Biancheri, "Tomorrow's common hope: Israeli and Palestinian youth are dreaming

    of mobility”


  Hazem Saghiyeh, "Opinion is a Tough Task in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict"


  Uri Avnery, "A disgusting exercise"


  Lord George Carey, "Letting Go of Legitimizing Religion"


  Gershon Baskin, "New Opportunities for Building Peace"


  Gershon Baskin, "Collective Punishment Doesn't Really Work"


  Mohamed Mosaad, "Interfaith Dialogue: The Overlooked Objectives"


  Gul Rukh Rahman, "Children of Abraham - Jews and Muslim"   


  Stephen M. Sachs, “Returning the World to Harmony: Getting the Peace  in American Indian Tradition”



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Reports and Announcements   





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