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Vol. XX, No.2            Winter, 2006


Nonviolent Change Journal helps to network the peace community: providing dialoguing, exchanges of ideas, articles, reviews, reports and announcements of the activities of peace related groups and meetings, reviews of world developments relating to nonviolent change and resource information concerning the development of human relations on the basis of mutual respect.


Reports and Announcements


Peace Studies Education Position

The Department of International and Transcultural Studies is currently searching for a faculty member in International and Comparative Education with a focus on Peace Studies in Education. The position is open rank. The full announcement of the search can be found at:   or





Peacework is seeking groups of volunteers from academic departments, service-learning programs, and student service organizations to participate in global volunteer projects in a variety of locations around the world.


Projects involve hands-on volunteer experience and valuable cultural immersion. Sites include Belize, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Guyana, Bolivia, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Kosovo, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vietnam, the People's Republic of China, the Hopi Nation in Arizona, southern Appalachia, and disaster recovery on the United States gulf coast.


     Most projects are 8-17 days but can be organized for any duration and for any time of the year. All projects are designed to match the resources and interests of volunteer groups with local self-development, education, or health care projects planned and implemented by the local host community and can be complemented with cultural travel and academic or professional contacts. Projects can be tailored to construction, general volunteer service, education, engineering, political science, environmental studies, medical, or many other disciplines.


     Peacework manages travel, documents, global liability and personal risk insurance, global medical insurance, all in-country logistics, materials, supplies, supervision and project planning with the local host partners, orientation materials, and 24/7 program and emergency assistance. A complete program detail and budget is provided for each group before there is any financial obligation.


     “Please call me at (800)272.5519 if we can provide more information or if we could provide a presentation for your department, group, or administration. We can send a power point of our various project locations and services or we would be delighted to make a presentation in person.  For a survey of our programs, visit . Global service specifically related to one's discipline and field of interest can be a life-changing experience.”


Thank you!


Stephen Darr, Peacework Program Coordinator, Peacework Development Fund, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 international volunteer organization, 209 Otey Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060 (800)272-5519, Fax: (540)953-0300,




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