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Vol. XX, No.2†††††††††† Winter, 2006

Nonviolent Change Journal helps to network the peace community: providing dialoguing, exchanges of ideas, articles, reviews, reports and announcements of the activities of peace related groups and meetings, reviews of world developments relating to nonviolent change and resource information concerning the development of human relations on the basis of mutual respect.


Editorís Comments

†††† Wishing you a fine New Year. The world continues to go through many shifts producing a great many developments in areas of our concern. The winter issue of NCJ focus on articles and commentary, with a shorter compilation of news and notes than in the spring and fall issues. We welcome your thoughts about all that is in progress. These pages serve as a networking and dialoguing vehicle between annual meetings. We strongly encourage you to contribute articles (up to 2500 words), news, announcements, comments, queries, responses and art work. It would be very fine if we could develop ongoing discussion from issue to issue. We especially invite you to send us a brief note about what you are doing, your concerns and queries, relating to nonviolent change, for our "What We Are About" column." Whenever possible, please make submissions on disk or via

e-mail (


†††† Please send writings and art work for Nonviolent Change Journal electronically to Steve Sachs. Steve puts together a draft of each issue and sends it to Darling Villena-Mata, Marliee Niehoff and Bob Hotes for editing. Steve then undertakes e-mailing, printing and snail mailing, and Darling posts the issue on the web (unsigned writings are Steve's). We welcome additional editors and column writers to cover geographic or topic areas on an ongoing or one time basis. We would very muck like to have additional people share in the compiling of information in each issue.


††† Communicating about any other research/study team business can be directed to any of the cochairs or to other members of the coordinating committee: Don Cole, Organization Development Institute, 11234 Walnut Ridge Rd., Chesterland, OH 44026 (440)729-7419,,, who is coordinating networking among organizations.


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